Voice of Stuckness

Can I speak with the voice of stuckness please?


Who are you?

I am the voice of stuckness.

What do you do?

I help the self get stuck, either completely or in areas. Or at least, I give the appearance of stuckness to the self. There is never real stuckness, only the appearance of it, and even that is only temporary. But to the self, it certainly seems like real stuckness and quite serious at times.

How does the self relate to you?

He doesn’t like me very much. Actually, he does not like me at all. He would like to get rid of me if he could.

Will you ever go away?

No, I will always be around – for as long as the self is. I am an integral part of being a human.

How do you show up in his life now?

I show up in a few different areas – mostly in terms of how he wants to function in the world in a professional way. He needs time to allow things to sink in, and I allow that time for him. He tends to push forward, and I am what holds him back – so it all can simmer for him for long enough for a new clarity to come about.

So you are helping the self?

Yes, that is my function. I help him by slowing him down. By drawing attention to areas where attention is needed – along with insights and clarifications. Areas where there are unexamined beliefs holding him back. Areas where he needs to explore his own truth and find more clarity through that.

Does he realize that?

No, not really. He may have a vague intellectual understanding of it, that it must be that way, but he does not experience it at any depth. He is alienated from me, and also from how I contribute, from the gifts I offer him.

Do you have any advice for him?

Yes. He needs to relax into whatever he experience as stuckness, in whatever areas I appear. That will offer him tremendous gifts, if he is open and receptive to it. And I don’t need to be around for that long either. It would make my job much easier.

So you carry information for the self?

Yes, I do. I am similar to fear in that way. I offer information, and brings his attention to it. Although he often does not see it that way. He is not looking for it. He only sees me as a problem. As something to get rid of. Instead of approaching me with curiosity, and receptivity for my gifts.

How does he try to get rid of you?

He tries all sorts of things. Willpower. Acupuncture. Inquiry. This process to some extent. Ignoring me. Trying to run me over with other voices. Trying to outwit me. And many other ways.

Does it work?

No, it does not work. It may appear to work for a short time, but it doesn’t really. If I need to be around, I am around, no matter what he does.

You said that you carry information, yet also mention inquiry as one of the ways he is trying to get rid of you. Can you say more about that?

Yes, there is a huge difference between doing inquiry – or similar explorations, with the aim of finding what is really true and with the aim of getting rid of me, or any other voice.

Doing it to find what is really true for him opens everything up, and it involves a willingness to go with whatever is revealed as true no matter how it looks, no matter how far it may be from his expectations. It is a partnership attitude, of working with what is. And it involves a great deal of trust, in particular in the wisdom and compassion within everything that is, no matter how much the self may dislike it, or cling to it, or try to make it go away.

Doing it to get rid of me is not really inquiry. It is a mock inquiry. It is the preferences of the self imposing themselves on what is. Nothing real can come out of this, because the real is not what is sought. Only relief is sought, and that does not work. Although it may appear sincere on the surface, it really comes from an adversarial attitude to what is. It comes from distrust, from fear of what is.

Until he learns this, he will continue to be stuck – in many areas. And when he finally learns to inquiry through the love of inquiry and love of truth itself, then there is a release for him. Then, I can function in a more precise way. I can come up, he inquiries into me, and I don’t need to hang around anymore. It would make my job far easier, and make life far more fluid and pleasant for him as well.

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