Inquiry On Dreams

The Byron Katie inquiries can be used with any stressful thoughts, and I find it especially interesting to use them to explore dream materials. Something happens in a dream, and I can do inquiry on it as if it happened in real life. Dream, real life, movie, or whatever else the format may be – it doesn’t matter. The stressful thought does, because it shows where I am stuck – where I believe blindly, to some extent, in an abstract idea. Where I obscure the clear ground.

My partner woke up from a stressful dream this morning where someone accused her of being a liar because she eats meat, dairy and yams, and that is what liars eat. In the dream she became upset and pushed back, but after waking up she did inquiry and the turnaround, and saw that it is all true. Everything she believes in is – by necessity – a lie, and everything she says is – also by necessity – a lie. Everything any of us say is a lie, because it is an abstraction and incomplete. The world is always more than and different from any abstraction. And she also eats meat, dairy and yams. So it is all true. And when this is seen clearly, the stress goes out of it and gratitude takes its place.

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