NAET & Precepts

Some years back, I had a period of increasingly severe food intolerances – draining my energy, muddling clarity and so on. After a while, I found NAET – an acupuncture-related technique for treating (eliminating) any allergic type reactions, where the body (over) reacts to something that in itself is relatively harmless. I was able to clear the food intolerances almost all up over a 1/2 year period. Moving to Oregon’s Willamette Valley (home to the grass seed capital of the world), I experienced pollen allergies for the first time in my life, and those cleared up after just 2 or 3 treatments.

Casein treatment

Today, I received a treatment for casein. As usual, I experienced the energy system shifting and reorganizing during the treatment (during and after the use of the thumper).

And since I am supposed to stay away from all dairy products for 25 hours, my mind of course make it appear as if there is a dairy craving – with images of chocolate, milk shake, yogurt, and so on arising coupled with the “have to have” experience.

Dairy craving process

What I see is that there is a particular sensation or feeling in the body, with its own particular texture, and I place a “dairy craving” story on top of it.

By itself, without the story, it is just a mild sensation/feeling. It is almost unnoticeable. With the story, or rather with the attachment to the story, it becomes a full blown dairy craving experience – seemingly almost impossible to resist. I feel out of control, I am worried about making it or not, I imagine having to repeat the treatment (which would be OK since it is pleasant and not too expensive), and so on.

So from completely innocent beginnings – the particularly textured sensation/feeling in my torso – it is made into a stressful experience, all from a story and the belief in this story.

Having to stay away from dairy helps me notice, stay with and explore this process more in detail, beyond the simple outline here. If nothing stopped me from eating dairy, I would just go for a chocolate bar, icecream, a milk shake or some yogurt, and passify – for a time – the apparent craving that way.


And that is of course one of the main reasons for precepts in any spiritual practice. I wow to do or not do such and such, and get to see what the mind does when a habitual activity is blocked. I get to notice, stay with and explore the dynamics of the process – of the craving for engaging in habitual patterns.

And I get to see that I am really already free from them. It is only the belief in the story which creates the apparent attachment, the “have to” experience. What is left without the story is completely innocent.

There is an attachment to a story, which makes it appear as if I am attached to a habitual activity or even an object or situation.

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