Presenting Inquiry

We had an introduction to the Byron Katie inquiries yesterday, with about 25 people there, and it brought up the question for me of how to present it…

The obvious is to allow people an opportunity to explore and discover it for themselves, to speak about it only to the extent that seems necessary, and also to speak from personal experience.

A brief outline…

  1. Welcome & brief introductions (5 min)
    • Name, why interested, what hope to get out of it
  2. Brief background (5 min)
    • Byron Katie, discovered it after long period of depression
    • Used by people around the world in different settings (personal and in practice groups, schools, prisons, hospitals, therapy settings)
  3. Typical effects & experiences (10 min)
    • Release from stress
    • Freeing up natural clarity, wisdom, compassion (clouded over by stressful beliefs)
    • What initially seemed very personal is revealed as impersonal/universal
    • Does not take away any of the juice or engagement from life, rather allows it in
    • When getting started…
      • Like learning to ride a bicycle – often takes some time to get into
      • Good to start with issues that are fresh and smaller/medium, to get a taste
      • Helpful to judge others (will come back to ourselves in the end anyway)
  4. About the process (15 min)
    • Brief overview of worksheet and 4 questions & turnarounds
    • Brief demonstration with an experienced person
      • General, easily recognized topic (chosen in advance)
      • Everybody looks within to find it in themselves
    • Q&As
    • Announcements of resources and ongoing/future practice opportunities
  5. Practice (40 min)
    • Smaller groups each led by experienced person
    • Or dyads and experienced people walk around
    • Select fresh and smaller topic (not huge, not far in the past) to get a taste of it
  6. Ending (10 min)
    • Back in large group
    • How did it go? What did you learn? Anything that did not work as well?
    • Q&As
    • Reminder of resources and ongoing/future opportunities

    (Total time: 85 min + 5 min extra, 1.5 hours)

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