Relearning has come up for me in a few different ways lately.

First, there is the astounding difference between how Ground effortlessly manifest as this whole universe, and the conscious understanding of this manifested in humans. Both come from Ground, and the second is Ground exporing itself through immediate experience and maps. Yet, there is such a huge gap between the two. Our understanding as humans, even for the most brilliant among us in any area, is tiny compared with the immense complexity of what is.

This is one example of (apparent) relearning. The Ground manifests as all this, then brings itself into conscious awareness and explores itself through humans (and other species). It “knows” how to do it, how to effortlessly manifest. And then it tries to figure out how it did it.

A similar form of relearning seems to be happening in my life now. In the initial awakening (teens and later), it all seemed revealed and happened effortlessly. Just about anything I have later heard or read about in any spiritual/mystical tradition was revealed in immediate experience. Then, after having deepened for a while, it started to fade and apparently went away (dark night of soul type phase). And now, there is an apparent relearning of it all. A conscious relearning.

Where the initial phase was spontaneous, uninvited, effortless, sudden, veils falling on their own, this time it seems more deliberate, more conscious, more plodding, gradual, one step at a time. And why not? Why not this flavor too of exploration?

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