When I look, I see that I have no option but to function in a self-centered way.

As long as there is a belief in the idea of I, that functions as a center in my world. Whatever this idea of I is placed on (my human self, family, nation, Earth, life, universe, witness) become the center of my experience and functioning in the world. Whatever I do, however selfish or altruistic it may seem from a conventional view, is for myself.

I act from a should. I act from a belief. I act from a sense of ethics. I act from my integrity. I act from a sense of compassion. I act from a realization of interconnections. And so on. It is all for me, although I am of course free to tell myself the story that I am doing it for others.

And when this belief in the idea of I falls away, when there is a realization of selflessness, we can say that the self-centeredness also falls away. But we can also say that it just changes from self-centeredness to Self-centeredness. The new center (of gravity) is in Big Mind, the realization of Ground. That which has center nowhere and everywhere, and yet is temporarily functionally centered on a particular human self.

2 thoughts to “Self-Centered”

  1. Thanks! When I look, I see that I suck in just about any area of life, and it is a huge relief to see and really feel that. It is a relief to be aligned with the truth of it. And that also helps me see that the opposite is also true, and find a freedom around all of those stories.

    When I now feel into “I suck” there is just a deep peace there, and even a quiet joy and excitement.

    And there is also a deep sense of community with all humans and all life, because we all suck depending on which stories we use to look at our lives. It is shared by all of us. As is the opposite.

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