Timeless Present

I am struck by how various insights seem to always come up in new ways, always fresh, different.

Recently, there has been periods where the timeless present is clear in yet a different way. Crystal clear, as all there is, all there ever was, all there ever will be. The timeless present, the Always Already, within which the whole world of phenomena unfolds – including time and space. That in which everything happens right now unfolds. And in this, it is very clear how the past and future are only ideas, abstractions, stories.

It is of course obvious, even on a conventional rational level, but to see it clearly – in this crystal clear context – is different. One is the menu, the other is the meal. And when the past and future are revealed as merely stories, they loose their bite. They appear as what they are – innocent. As just a tiny aspect of the landscape, and transparent to the timeless. It is liberation.

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