Big Mind & Big Heart

As I deepen into familiarity with Big Mind I deepen into familiarity with Big Heart – and the other way around.

Big Mind

When I deepen my familiarity with myself as Big Mind, I find myself as Ground, as that which holds everything, as that which appears as the myriad phenomena, as that which is completely neutral, as that which recognizes all as equal, as emptiness dancing. There are no preferences here. All is. This is the ocean.

It is what is, when it realizes that it is inherently absent of any “I” anywhere.

Big Heart

When I deepen my familiarity with myself as Big Heart, I find myself as love for all, as compassion for everything and everyone. Here too there is equality, no thing – no one – is excluded.

In the yin aspect of Big Heart, there is just the holding of everything and everyone in love, allowing it to unfold the way it naturally unfolds in that space. Allowing it to reorganize and heal in that space.

In the yang aspect of Big Heart, there is more active engagement – inviting into clarity and release from suffering, in whatever way seems appropriate, with whatever tools available. This is the waves knowing they are ocean.

Deepening into both

The more I find myself as Ground and disengagement, the more there is the freedom for a more complete and full engagement and passion. And the more there is engagement and passion, the more it stimulates the exploration of disengagement and equality.

Disengagement without the engagement is without movement, exploration, fullness. Since it is not tested in the world, it can even be a disengagement that only appears when the world of form is a certain way and is apparently lost when the world of form appears a different way.

Engagement without disengagement is easily in struggle with itself and can burn itself out. It is caught in the dualities, without being able to see beyond them. It is caught in I and Other, and its inherent struggle.

Familiarizing myself with one is an invitation to deepen into the other. They go hand in hand.

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