Collective Processes

Another pretty obvious thing from psychology…

In a systems approach to family therapy, the person manifesting the symptoms is seen as the symptom bearer for the whole family, the one manifesting processes everyone is involved in – and likely suffer from in various ways.

And the same seems to be the case at any level, from individual levels up through family, community, nation, region and our collective global level.

Most simply, we can say that the world is our mirror. Everything we see in anybody else is also here in ourselves.

And in a more specific way, we can say that whatever processes is happening impacts us all – although we each manifest it in different ways.

If many of us deny our own craziness, to the point of denying care for those who manifest it more clearly, then crazies will wander the cities in plain view – as they indeed do here in the US. They become a reminder our own craziness, and how we relate to it in ourselves.

If we deny our own inhumanity and violence to the point of denying the humanity of those manifesting it more clearly, then these will manifest it right under our nose – in the form of violence in our community, terrorism and even wars. They mirror exactly what is right here, in ourselves, and they also mirror exactly how we relate to it in ourselves.

Our collective issues mirror what goes on within us as individuals, and our collective processes also patterns what goes on in us as individuals – especially as we grow up.

We cannot only work on it in here or out there. Those are just two manifestations of the same process.

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