Dream :: Card Dealer

I was in a solid and close partnership with a card dealer. He would unfailingly deal me the cards I needed, and was in complete charge of the game and the cards.

After waking up, I realized that the card dealer was very similar to Doc Holiday from the movie Tombstone I watched last night. And after being with the dream for a while, I saw that the card dealer is life itself, dealing me exactly the cards I need. The cards are stacked in my favor, whether I see it or not. It is a close and perfect partnership.

This view is relatively close to my conscious surface view, or primary process in PW terms. Yet, there was certainly a surprise in the closeness and solidity of the partnership. I do not see this all the time in my ordinary life.

In a following dream, I gave a presentation to a group of people, although I don’t remember the topic.

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