Dreams as More True *

There are a few things about dreams that seem closer to what is than our conventional views.

One is that, in my dreams at least, this human self is just one of many characters. This human self is seen from the outside – along with everybody else, and the inside. It is one of the many characters in a movie, yet there is also access to the interior information for this particular human self – the sensations, emotions, thoughts and so on.

Another is that the main character in these movies can take on any number of shapes and identities. It can be old or young, man or woman, human or animal. There is no fixed or limited identity.

Both of these are close to how it is seen when selflessness is realized. This human self is just one of many characters appearing. It is seen as one of many characters on the screen. Yet it is also the one for which there is consistent interior information available.

There is also no fixed or limited identity, not even as this particular vehicle in the world of form. And even our vehicle, this particular human self, always changes. It is fluid as everything else. To take it a little further, I see that in the context of “rebirth” (although there is really nothing that is reborn), the vehicle in the world of form changes in a different way – it is man or woman, Chinese or European or Indigenous, human or something else. It is all OK. They are all vehicles, instruments, tools in the world of form.

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