Infinity seems to be a good help sometimes.

If we really explore, sincerely and repeatedly, (some!) of the infinite causes to even our simplest behaviors – we come to see that there is no individual and separate doer here. It is the whole – the whole of existence, the whole of the universe – acting, through and as this human self.

We find the context of selflessness, within which the content of the world of phenomena continues to happen.

And through the lens of infinity, we also see that we are always just scratching the surface – at least in our explorations of content: our realizations, insights, bodymind development, skillful means and so on. There is always further to go. And always further to go. Always one more step. Infinitely.

Comparisons at a conventional level is OK and useful, and especially so within this context of infinity. It helps us differentiate, yet also see that we are all in the same boat, and that through the lens of infinity – our insights in terms of content are always just scratching the surface.

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