Inquiry :: Seeing Their Lives as Sacred

All the way back to childhood, I have experienced certain things as quite annoying, and I see that the main reason for this is the lack of awareness and clarity I see behind certain (unconscious, habitual) behaviors. So one of the beliefs behind this irritability is that “they should see how sacred their life is.”

I did an inquiry on this (I have done near daily inquiries over phone since beginning of May), and one of the turnarounds is that I should see how sacred their life is. This was a big shift for me, and living this turnaround in the week since the inquiry has deepened this shift.

In this last week, have been in many situations where the past irritation would have come up. Now, I remind myself about the turnaround, and see the how sacred their lives are – even if they don’t see it themselves.

Sometimes, the reminder is not even necessary, and sometimes it is – if I am on the train or the bus and somebody is triggering some irritation, I may put down the book and take some time to remind myself of the turnaround and sink into it. There is often a big shift.

So from being a source of discomfort, these situations are now a great gift – allowing for fullness, sense of connection, and a deep appreciation of the lives of these people who used to trigger my discomfort. I can see their lives as sacred, even if they do no. It is my job.

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