No Mind, No Body

In a more conventional exterior view, I see that working with mind-body connections can be very useful. Yet in my own immediate experience, there is no body-mind connection to be found.

There is only space within which everything happens – what we call sensations, sights, sounds, smells, taste, thoughts, or what we label this body, this human self, this room, this computer, the trees outside the window, the sound of the birds and the traffic, the sunlight on the trees.

It is a seamless field of whatever happens in the present. Or I could say that there is just the fragments of what is happening – a taste over here in space, some sensations scattered around, some fragments of sights and sounds.

Of course, I can play around with the stories of body and mind, and see how they can be used as an overlay of what is happening in the present, but they are still just stories. Not immediate experience.

There is separation in space within this field, yet no separation. It is all just happening. There is no I anywhere, yet also a vague (habitual) sense of I floating around somewhere in/around this human self.

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