Nurturing Development

There is really no inherent reason to want to develop faster through the SD spiral, or move beyond an attachment to ideas in general and to the idea of I in particular, or include more of Other into I and us.

Yet, it is painful to experience the world through the filter of I and Other. It is painful to experience the split that comes from that filter, because it is not aligned with what is. So we are naturally motivated to move through the spiral, move up the levels, to allow what is to awaken to its own nature (of I everywhere and nowhere) while still functionally connected to this human self.

Since this motivation is as natural as anything else, we have developed a large number of strategies to either temporarily avoid the pain of the apparent split (entertainment, romance, sex, money, vacations, food) or to move towards a more radical solution (awakening to what is with no I inherent anywhere).

And if integrating projections is a big part of this process, then The Work may be one of the faster ways of nurturing development (along with more traditional approaches and other new ones such as the Big Mind process).

2 thoughts to “Nurturing Development”

  1. Isn’t the natural motivation to avoid pain (as per your second paragraph) the “inherent reason to want to develop faster through the SD spiral”?

  2. Hi – yes, it is an inherent reason on a human level, along with (a) the bliss and joy of widening the circles and move up the spiral, and (b) our natural curiosity and interest in exploring life/existence.

    But at the level of Ground/emptiness, it is free of any reason. That is what I meant to point to.

    I guess I just wanted to get away from any “shoulds” apart from our immediate motivation and experience. There is already enough of that in most religions and even some spiritual traditions.

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