Our Development

One of the characteristics of inquiry – in most or all (?) of its forms – is that it inherently works with where we are at. We look at what is alive for us right now.

Byron Katie sometimes says don’t pretend yourself beyond your evolution. Meaning, I assume, don’t take what you hear and pretend it is your own insight. Go with what is true for you, right now, no matter if it fits what you have heard or not. Live from where you are at.

I may still have beliefs relating to my current situations, and act as if they were true – because they are true for me, now, in my own experience. It is as simple as that.

And when stress comes up, I can identify a belief behind it and inquire into it. Life itself will show me where I still have work to do, and it will do so at the rate and sequence right for me. The unraveling starts where I am right now.

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