Small & Big Peace

I had a NAET treatment today, this time for gluten. As the chiropractor began to stimulate the acupuncture points, I noticed a quite significant energetic shift – from my system feeling scattered and somewhat out of alignment to a sense of fullness and deep silence.

As I walked out of the office, I saw how this deep sense of silence in/around my human self was still a small peace. It is temporary, can be disturbed by whatever else may happen from within or outside of my human self, and so on. It is a taste of peace, but that is all.

The Big Peace is different. This is the peace of realizing the nature of what is, of awakening to everything as absent of I. It is a peace that comes through context – a shift from a sense of I to noticing the absence of I everywhere. It is a peace independent on content. It is unshakable because anything that could shake it is also just Ground manifesting. And it is not really peace, it just is. It is Big Mind waking to its own nature, while still being functionally connected with a particular human self. Big Peace can arise as any content, including conventional peace and disturbance, silence and noise, stillness and movement. It contains – and is – supernovas, bombs, screaming, war, violence, destruction. None of these are Other. None of these are resisted. None of these are a disturbance.

So small peace is what is when there is still a sense of I, typically placed on our human self or parts of our human self. This peace is conditioned on particular circumstances, and is temporary, fragile and shakeable. It arises within the context of I and Other, and Other can appear as a disturbance.

Big Peace is only conditioned on what is awakening to its own nature, of no I anywhere. It arises as anything and everything. It allows anything to arise. Nothing is resisted, so it cannot be disturbed. It is Ground manifesting as the myriad things.

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