Staff of Hermes

Several days after doodling the drawing to the left (and similar ones), it dawned on me that the spirals below the body, and the winged shaped forms out to the sides, resemble the staff of Hermes, the caduceus.

The staff of Hermes represent wisdom, healing, fertility and also commerce. As a symbol of healing, it is used interchangeably with the (more technically correct) staff of Asclepius – the god of healing.

This is an interesting connection, and as I have seen the staff symbol many times, it may well have influenced the drawing – although certainly not consciously.

It is also possible that the pattern reflects an archetype of some sort.

And it is possible that it reflects something really going on in the energy system of folks – picked up by the ancent cultures (back to Mesopotamia) and now also arising in me.

Who knows? At the very least, it is an interesting synchronicity.

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