The Direct Route

The direct route (to awakening, realizing selflessness, etc.) is to see all as God, as Big Mind, as the play of the divine mind, as emptiness dancing.

And one of the more direct routes to see this is to notice and examine whenever this is not alive for us. In other words, whenever we notice that there is an experience of an I, of separation, of stress, and so on, we can explore what are the mechanisms of Samsara?

Context and content

Seeing it all as God is to include both the context (selflessness, God as the only I) and the content (the infinite number of always fresh manifestations).

Renouncing or loving it all

In some traditions, they emphasize renunciation (focusing on the context, temporarily rejecting the content) and that may work well in monastic settings. Today, when most people are active in the world, the context + content approach seems more inviting to many.

And there is a close parallel between renouncing it all and loving it all. In both cases, nothing is excluded (from the exclusion or inclusion). In both cases, all phenomena are seen as equal. In both cases, there is really a neutrality towards all phenomena – all manifestations.

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