Thirst? & Going to Get Water *

If cravings, emotions and so on are really just sensations + a thought, then what about listening to the signals of the body and all the other things we are told is important?

What I find is that there is a sensation, then a thought “thirst”, and then a recognition that without the thought there is just a simple sensation, that there is no way of really knowing what it is about, that the thought is really just a simple question, and that I can go and get some water without making it into a drama or big story.

Of course, this is a simple example, but it seems to reflect a typical pattern. Instead of believing the thought about the sensation, and making it into a drama, I see that there is not any real connection between the sensation and the thought. The sensation is liberated from a story about it, and the thought is liberated from being believed in.

At the same time, if the innocent question is thirst? I can go and get water. If the question is pain? I can move the leg. If the question is persistent strong pain?, I can go to the doctor. If the question is itching? I can scratch. Or not.

In that way, there is peace yet also engagement and activity.

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