Time Travel?

Some weeks back, I read an article in a popular astronomy magazine on time travel.

Here is one view on it…

The idea of time travel is just that, an idea – born from attachments to ideas. When we attach to thoughts of past and future as reflecting something real and substantial, pointing to something that exists, then past and future appear real as well, and it seems possible to go there. But it is all a fiction.

Past and future are just mental constructs, and we can indeed visit our thoughts about past and future, but that is about it.

There is only this eternal and timeless Now and Present, within which space and time unfolds. There is no past nor any future, apart from thoughts about past and future. There is nowhere to go.

Even if we time travel through visiting our thoughts about past and future, that too is still happening within the Timeless Present.

As all mental constructs, they can be useful in helping us explore and navigate the world. And as any fiction, they are helpful in reflecting ourselves back to ourselves.

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