Transformational Breathing

I did a transformational breathing session this morning, by listening to instructions on a CD (and realized I had done a workshop at the Zen Center a while back using the same technique).

It was certainly powerful. My whole body started tingling and went cold quite rapidly, and the muscles tightened up quite strongly in different places. My hands were tight with fingers in a bow backwards, my facial muscles contracted, there was a strong root block as they call it in yoga, and so on. The body lived its own life, unfolding within pure awareness. And it was fine. (Although a part of me was glad nobody walked in and saw it!).

It reminded me that something very similar happened after my first diksha. The days after the diksha, I went into a strong witness state, with strong muscle contractions in the neck/head area. One or two weeks later, I was in bed a Saturday morning listening to the radio, and my body did what it did during this breath session – although just more of it. It contracted, moved around and completely lived its own life – with no possibility for conscious intervention. The center of gravity was in the Witness – just pure awareness of it all unfolding, of it all passing through.

It makes sense as both the breath work and the diksha works at the energy side of it, and may at times work in similar ways.

I also see several ways this breath work can be helpful. It allows me familiarity with everything passing through within this Timeless Present, meltet in with clarity and pure awareness. It allows my breath to deepen, gradually, in my daily life (maybe). And it may also allow the body to release and reorganize. Again, who knows.

I’ll probably try the breath work more, and see how it unfolds.

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