Anatomy of a Thought

If thoughts – or rather believing in thoughts – sometimes create so much problems for us, it seems interesting to look at how thoughts appear in my immediate experience.

In looking at thoughts, all I can find is a (mental) image, sometimes associated with a sound. And that is all. Not much, if any, substance there. They are fleeting, ephemeral, inherently innocent, almost nothing at all.

Yet, they can have major impacts on our lives when they are believed in.

And what is a belief? It seems to be a thought about a thought. A story about a story saying that it is real, substantial, something to be completely trusted as a guideline in spite of indications otherwise. It is a story of another story saying that it can be taken as real. It is a story saying that the map (the story) really is the terrain (what is). And that seems pretty crazy, yet it is happening for most of us.

And when this story about a story is seen through, thoughts are liberated.

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