Betrayal of Suffering

Folks doing The Work over some time seems to arrived at shared insights and experiences, as is probably the case with most practices.

I see over and over that beliefs in thoughts – and the following contractions, function as…

  • Atonement
    See, I also get that this is wrong. I’ll make myself miserable so it is clear to the world that I know that what I did was wrong, or that what happened to me was wrong.
  • Blackmail
    See what you did to me? I’ll make myself miserable so it is clear to you how much I was hurt by what you did. And unless it changes, I’ll continue to make myself miserable.

  • A tantrum
    If I don’t get what I want, I’ll make myself miserable. I’ll get sad, depressed, angry, upset, confused, alone, alienated.

And when this pattern is released, first in some areas of life and then more and more in general, there may initially be a sense of betrayal of suffering. These patterns are ancient, and it feels odd to allow them to disintegrate and fall away. Shouldn’t I suffer now? This is another topic for inquiry, and something that also erodes and falls away over time. We see that there is no reason to hold onto the suffering. We function from more clarity and effectiveness without it.

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