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I am talking with a young woman whom I experience a deep connection with. She is mature, wise, and youthful at the same time. I notice that when there is an easy connection with myself, our connection is easy and strong as well, and when I lose the connection with myself our connection weakens. Intimacy with myself seems to automatically be mirrored in an easy intimacy with her, and moving away form intimacy with myself is mirrored in moving away from intimacy with her.

The woman in the dream is not anyone I know in waking life, yet she seemed more familiar to me than anyone I know – as a lost sister or soulmate. She is me, although a feminine and more mature, evolved, whole, wise and spirited version of me. And it was clear that my connection with myself is closely mirrored in my relationship with her.

When I do inquiry, I explore this intimacy with what is really true for me – distinct from all the beliefs. Also in daily life, I notice a continuous flux in moving closer or further away from this intimacy with myself. This experience is at the core of the dream, this continuous monitoring of intimacy with myself and the consequences of moving closer or further away.

The woman in the dream can be seen as my anima, or also as my soul (the middle level of human self, soul and nondual). The relationship with myself and with her mirror each other exactly, because they are two expressions of the same relationship.

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