Everything is Included *

I seem to be naturally drawn to approaches which embody the “everything is included” view.

Shikantaza allows every experience to come and go as guests. Any sound, anything going on in the surroundings, any emotion, any thought, any movement, it is all included. It is all experienced. It all unfolds within (and really as) awareness. There is no “other” in the sense of anything that is excluded, anything seen as a disturbance.

The practice in insight meditation of noting is similar. There is a sound, sight, sensation, smell, thought, and just noted as that. Somebody fires up a leaf blower outside the house, and there is just “sound”, “sound”, “sensation”, “thought”, “sensation”, “sound”. Whatever comes up is included. Simply noted.

And it is the same in Breema. I give or receive a Breema session, and whatever happens is included. The phone rings. The birds chirp outside. Somebody walks through the room. It is all part of the session, and also experienced that way. It becomes part of the texture of the experience, part of the landscape of what is happening.

It is also similar in Process Work. Whatever happens in my life is a starting point for unraveling the process behind it. And whatever happens during a PW session is included. It is information coming through the world channel, unfolded as anything else. Leading to a gift, as anything else.

The Work also includes everything. There is stress, I identify the belief behind it, and inquire into it. Again, any of life’s circumstances is fodder for insight. The world is my mirror. Even the situations that seemed the most disturbing are revealed as offering gifts. The degree of initial disturbance mirrors exactly the sense of release when there is more clarity around it.

Whatever happens allows me to find myself as the aware space they unfold as and within.

Whatever happens allows me to see it as just sensation, sight, sound, smell, taste, thought, and find liberation from attaching to the stories about it.

Whatever happens is included in the Breema session, and in my life when I bring the Breema atmosphere into my daily activities.

Whatever happens reveals a gift when unfolded. It is revealed as and leads to exactly what I need.

Whatever happens is a mirror to me. It is an invitation to notice beliefs, inquire into them, and finding the ease and clarity on the other side of beliefs and inquiry.

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