Inquiry Aspects

Some aspects of the Byron Katie inquiry…

Using pen and paper, or being facilitated by someone else, provides the container for the inquiry. It provides some stability and focus. It has a similar function as shamata in Buddhist meditation.

Question no. 1 and 2 – can I know it is true, can I absolutely know it is true – allows for a beginning detachment from the story, it opens the door for allowing attachment to it to fall away.

Question no. 3 – how do I react when I believe that thought – is similar to catharsis (allowing it all out) and allows for simple and clear seeing of it.

Question no. 4 – who would I be without the thought – is similar to shikantaza, just finding myself as clarity and whatever happens, without being caught up in stories.

The turnarounds is similar to projection and shadow work, and also allow for more fluidity of mind. From the prison of believing one perspective and rejecting other perspectives, there is more fluidity and freedom, allowing thoughts to function more as what they are – innocent questions.

And each of these, and all together, is a form of insight meditation – providing insight into the dynamics (content) and nature (ground) of mind.

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