Elements of Inquiry

I mentioned a particular form of inquiry in the previous post, and want to explore some of the possible sequences and elements of this form of inquiry. Just scratching the surface, as always, especially as I have not explored it for very long.


A typical (?) sequence may be:

  1. See that I am not the content.
    The content come and go. Sights, smells/tastes, sensations, and thoughts come and go. They live their own life.

  2. Find myself as awareness.
    This space and awareness which allows any and all content to come and go, that is stainless, not harmed by any content.

  3. See that this awareness is full of the whole world.
    There is no separation. There is no I in either seeing or seen. Or we can say the only I is that of seeing and seen, beyond and including all polarities.


And some elements within this sequence:

  1. Not the content
    • Notice (sounds, smells/tastes, sensations, thoughts) and how they come and go.
    • Notice how they live their own life. How they just happen.
    • Are you any of these? Can you be any of these?
    • Move the arm up and down a few times. Can you find any doer? Can you find any chooser? Do these movements just happen? Do they live their own life, as anything else?
    • Is there any inside and outside in this world of phenomena? Can you find any absolute boundaries between phenomena? Is it a seamless field?
  2. Awareness
    • Notice that which does not come and go.
    • Notice the space and awareness that anything comes and goes within.
    • Does this awareness allow anything to come and go? Does it resist any content?
    • Is this awareness touched (stained, harmed) by any content?
    • Can you find any beginning to space and awareness? Any end? Does it have any color?
    • Does space come and go? In your own immediate experience, does awareness come and go?
    • Are you space? Are you awareness?
  3. Full of the world
    • Is awareness separate from its content? Is there separation anywhere?
    • Is the nature of awareness and its content different? Is it the same?
    • Notice the content of space. Is that content also space?
    • Notice the content of awareness. Is that content also awareness? Is it different? Is it the same?

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