Internet Practicalities

sI switched to blogger beta a couple of days ago, which propelled me to explore some of the technical aspects of blogging, including lots of troubleshooting!

As a reminder for myself (and maybe others), here are some good places for free, and sometimes Open Source, information and utilities…

Blogger support

Blogger Talk to US – to contact blogger support

Blogger Help Group – google group for blogger questions/answers

The Real Blogger Status – up-to-date, practical blogger hints and tips


FeedBurner – easy and flexible feed management

Google Analytics – keep track of visitors

Technorati – one way to keep track of who links to your blog

HTTrack Website Copier – backup your whole blog, or any other website

Hint: Under “options”, go to “limits”. Set maximum mirroring depth to 2 to capture front page and any internal links from front page. If there is an archive on the front page linking to all pages in the blog, then these will be captured. Set maximum external depth to 0 to not capture any external sites.


And while we are on the topic…

Firefox – excellent open source browser

Thunderbird – excellent open source email application

MozBackup – backup Firefox and Thunderbird settings and files

Firefox extensions I find useful:

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