This is not so important, but it makes an astronomy nut like me happy to see that they finally decided to strip Pluto of its status as a full planet and categorize it as a dwarf planet instead. Categorizing it as a regular planet was somewhat of a mistake in the first place, and it is good to see the rational win out over the sentimental.

Which brings me to this inquiry…

They should act in a rational manner.

  1. Is it true?

    Yes (especially scientists!)

  2. Can I absolutely know it is true? What is the reality of it?

    No, I cannot absolutely know it is true. The reality is that even scientists sometimes don’t act in a rational manner (they get caught up in sentimentality, attachments and so on.)

  3. How do I react when I have that belief?

    I get frustrated seeing people who should be champions of rational thought behaving in a less than rational manner, using sentimentality as an argument for wishful categorizing.

    How do I treat them?

    As a little soft brained, not standing up for what they know is right.

    How do I treat myself?

    As someone who is more rational, more cool-headed, more able to let go of sentimental attachments when that is called for.

    When did I first have the thought?

    Probably in middle-school, when I got more interested in science, rational thinking, valid arguments and so on.

    Does the thought bring me peace or stress?

    Stress, definitely.

    What is the worst that can happen if I let go of that belief?

    I would let the sentimental override the rational, like (some of) them.

    Turnaround: I would not let the sentimental override the rational. Yes, that seems as or more likely. Without the stress coming from this belief, I would be more receptive, open, clear.

  4. Who/what would I be without the thought?

    I would be receptive, open, clear. Able to enjoy the small-scale drama around the discussion. Able to see the validity and good points in the different arguments, coming from any view.

  5. Turnarounds

    (a) They shouldn’t act in a rational manner.

    That is true. Some of them don’t, and that is the reality of it according to my story. The benefit for me is that I get to see my own beliefs around this, the stress it brings me, and it gives me an opportunity to inquire into it.

    (b) I should act in a rational manner.

    Yes, certainly. The advice is for myself here. When I believe that they should act in a different way from what they do, I am irrational. There is no way I can influence it in any real way, not even with people close to me. These are just processes playing themselves out.

    (c) I should not act in a rational manner.

    Well, not if I don’t. When I believe that thought, I do not act in a rational manner, and that is what is playing itself out right then. It is OK. And it, as anything, is subject to change.

    (x) Turnaround to live in daily life

    I should act in a rational manner. I shouldn’t expect people to change because it would be convenient to me. I can take my own advice instead. The advice is for me.

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