I often hear people talk about going within, finding God within, and so on. It may make sense if there is a relatively blind and exclusive identification with our human self, but another wording seem to be more suited in helping people go beyond this, to find what is already more true for them in immediate experience.

Already, in our immediate experience, this human self arises within awareness, not the other way around. Thoughts arise within awareness. Sensations arise within awareness. This body arise within awareness. This whole world arise within awareness. Everything happening right now, inside and outside of this human self, arise within awareness. We don’t need to have any spiritual practice under our belt to notice this, right here and now.

Nothing of what we are looking for is within, and nor is it outside. It is what is when the boundary of inside and outside is seen through, when we notice that there already is no boundary there and never was.

In a limited sense, the wording going within makes sense though. It points to the necessity of exploring this for ourselves, to see what is already alive in our immediate experience. Listening to others may give us some pointers, but we need to examine it in our own experience to notice that it is already alive here now. We can’t just listen to the words and think it ends there.

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