Clear seeing and release, drama and continued struggle

There is a clear difference between clear seeing and drama, including as it shows up in practices such as shikantaza, The Work and can I be with what I am experiencing now?

Clear seeing and release

Clear seeing reflects a shift of gravity into seeing, into pure awareness, and out of content. This clear seeing allows for what is seen in our human self to reorganize and realign in whatever way is needed for healing, maturing, more to be seen, and so on. The space and context of clear seeing allows this reorganization to happen. And it all happens on its own. It lives its own life.

The release here is double: first in the shift itself releasing from drama, then in the reorganization allowing this human self to function in a little more healthy and mature way.

Drama and struggle

Drama reflects a center of gravity still in the content and identification with content. This drama prevents content from realigning and reorganizing.

The struggle here is also double: first in the identification itself, then in the continued patterns in our human self not given space and context to heal and reorganize.


Again, this is something that becomes clearer through The Work.

All that is needed is just clear and sober seeing, giving the context for release and reorganization.

Being caught up in and fueling continued drama reflects identification with the initial story, and stories about this story, and does not allow for much of a release. It only rehearses the initial patterns of drama.

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