Dream: the fullness of infinite characteristics

Someone is playing massively-multiplayer online role-playing games, having developed a large number of characters with a wide range of species, ages, genders, roles, skills, specialities and other characteristics.

I see how all of these characteristics are laid out on a very large grid, and how they can all be accessed freely according to what the situation calls for. There is a tremendous fullness, richness, adaptability, fluidity and range here. Nothing is fixed to any particular or limited identity. All is available – any species, any gender, any age, any role, any characteristic.

About the dream

The person playing these MMORP games evolved the characters over a long time, one by one. Now, there is a significant shift into having all the characteristics from all characters available at once, at the fingertips as needed. There is a tremendous sense of fullness, fluidity and richness in this. A whole new dimension has been entered, with whole new opportunities presenting themselves.

The player him/herself had no particular characteristics in the dream. It was just a generic person. The grid itself looked similar to those images made up of hundreds or thousands of other images. There were patterns at many levels, similar to a fractal image or a holarchy.

This is another dream where my human self does not appear, and where there is also no I anywhere.

Less attachment to identity, so more characteristics available

I guess it goes without saying that this dream reflects what happens as we loosen up our identity, as it becomes more porous, more transparent, falls away more. Any identity creates limitations, sets the boundaries for what is available and not available to us among everything that is already present right now. As the attachment to any particular identity loosens up, all these characteristics – already present – become more available. They can be acknowledged, seen, lived more freely.

Characteristics developed over time, in different settings

At the same time, the dream acknowledges that these characteristics are indeed developed over time. They are developed through this human self, over its lifetime. And different characteristics are developed as we play different roles, different characters, in life. Eventually, they all become available to us – if we are available to them through loosening our attachment to any particular identity.

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