Exloring that which looks most as I

There are many variations of the form of self-inquiry described in the previous post.

One is to actively look for what appears most as I, and then inquire into these.

Finding content that appears as I

What I find is typically a set of sensations in the core of the head/neck area, and some of the thoughts coming and going, and also sensations connected with the thought “resistance”.

Then, I can explore these.

What changes

I see that each of them are content. I can label them sensations and thoughts. I see they are not inherently different from any other sensations and thoughts. They are not different from sensations and thoughts that the sense of I is not placed on. They come and go. They are finite in space and in time. They are what is being aware of. They are not different from other sensations and thoughts.

What does not change

Then, I can notice what does not change. It is not content. It is this awake clarity that content happens within. It is awareness of this content, coming and going. It is empty awakeness, and there is no characteristics of color, extent, coming and going, location and so on to be found in it.

No difference

Finally, there is the exploration of where awake clarity ends and content begins. Where that which does not change ends, and that which changes begins. There is no clear boundary to be found anywhere. Content of awareness does not seem to be different from awareness itself. The content of empty awakeness seems to be empty awakeness itself. Empty awakeness seems to be the Ground of seeing and seen, of content and the awareness it unfolds within and as.

Sincere explorations

For this exploration to work well, it may be helpful to explore what is alive in immediate awareness using open ended questions. This way, it is more likely to be a sincere exploration – fresh, alive and surprising.

To the extent there is an attachment to a particular goal or set of answers, it tends to be somewhat stale, dry and abstracts. It is a going to ideas rather than immediate awareness. It does not provide any fresh or alive insights or realizations.

To the extent there is a detachment from any ideas and goals, it stays fresh, alive and surprising. And this is the food needed for Ground to gradually recognize itself. It sets the stage for Ground to recognize its own nature.

And one way to allow this to detachment is to notice than any attachment to ideas is also in the realm of phenomena. It is also content. It is a thought. Just noticing this allows the center of gravity to shift out of it, to the seeing and the awake clarity.

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