Ghost emotions and reactivty

Sometimes, what looks like ghost emotions and reactions come up.

These ones seem to come up as an echo of past patterns, as a reminder of how it used to be. Although now as if far away and without much or any substance and absent of any charge.

They are ghosts of patterns which used to be taken as very real, as substantial, identified with and taken as I. Now, they are not taken as I anymore but come up mostly from old habit, with as much solidity as a mirage.


I got sick yesterday with a fewer, and went downtown in the evening to start up a discussion group. Waiting at a coffe shop before the event, I asked for water. The guy behind the counter didin’t understand, probably due to my accent, so answered no, never heard about that. (!) I repeated it a couple of times, then gave up.

I dropped off the books and decided to pass on the responsibility to starting up the group to someone who has never done it before, which was not what I had hoped for.

And on my way home, I walked through the streets in puring rain without umbrella or raingear and got soaked.

Throughout this time, I noticed some emotions and stories come up, such as the universe is out to get me, nothing works for me, life is miserable, and so on. Yet, they just showed up as a mirage. I saw them come up and stay around for a while, with about as much impact as empty space.

With no way to believe in these stories, they were without fuel and charge. They just became part of the landscape, noticed with some interest.

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