Hara as a Reservoir

Since my first days with Breema, there has been a deepening and always new experience of the hara. The hara is described as the center of vitality in Breema and in many eastern energy approaches. I have experienced it as very clearly outlined, filling the whole cavity between the lower part of the rib cage and the pelvic bowl, nurturing the whole system.

During the Breema intensive this weekend, I had a new experience of the hara. This time, just about every time I received a sequence, I experienced in a very literal way the hara filling up, as a reservoir. It was as if something cool, clear, fresh, liquid and nurturing trickled from wherever my body was touched and to the hara, being stored and nurturing the whole bodymind. Staying as full and complete as ever, even as it flows through and nurtures the body.

While I am on the topic, here are some typical experiences while doing Breema…

A sense of no separation, of everything being included. Whatever happens is included in the session, including sounds, people walking through the room, and so on.

A sense of coming home, and of my whole being participating.

A sense of everything being always fresh and new.

A sense of fluidity and fullness.

A sense of fullness and bliss.

A sense of my hara filling with warmth, heat, nurturing the whole bodymind, and flowing throughout the body.

A sense of getting out of my own way, allowing an inherent wisdom to surface and shine through.

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