Inquiry and release

Of the various approaches I have explored, either aimed at resolving knots or allowing them to resolve as a side effect, The Work seems by far to be the most effective.

Where most approaches are partially or sometimes effective in allowing knots to resolve, The Work seems to consistently allow them to resolve. And the reason may be that it allows us to see what is already more true for us than the beliefs we were trying to hold onto, and through which we created stress for ourselves. In the light of truth, knots seem to untie themselves.

As Jesus said, the truth will set you free.

Rearranging content, which many approaches do, works to some extent. But no amount of rearranging content will be entirely satisfying. It will always leave something unresolved.

The brilliant aspect of any form of sincere self-inquiry is that it works with what is already there. It is just an exploration of content as it already is. And it is an exploration of what is already more true for us, already here, waiting to be noticed.

And in this seeing, knots are allowed to resolve.

The Work allows for a taste of resolutions that otherwise come through awakening to selflessness. And it allows us to connect with insights prior to awakening which usually are available in and from this awakening.

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