Realization and conceptualization

In Spontaneous Awakening, Adyashanti talks about the difference between realization and conceptualization.

At one level, it is very obvious.

When something is realized, and especially when Ground awakens to its own nature, there is release, liberation, freedom from suffering.

When something is conceptualized, and there is an attachment to this conceptualization, it tends to lock us down. It is a mental prison, splitting the world up and placing our identity in one part. It blinds, hems in, creates an argument with reality.

Yet, in our own life it can be a little more tricky. Something may be clearly realized, then goes into a memory, and we may temporarily take the memory for the realization itself. It is just natural, and something to notice, to be aware of, take into account. Look a little further, at what is alive in immediate awareness, and what was realized may be here again, fresh, new.

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