The joy of shifting gears

There was a scheduling mixup today, so from one minute to the next I went from being busy working on the house and the computer and expecting to do that the rest of the day, to giving a Breema session. The most enjoyable part of it, in addition to having an unexpected opportunity to do Breema, was seeing the shifting of gears.

A cat goes from deep relaxation to alertness in a fraction of a second, and the other way around, and so it is with us as well. Deep relaxation and alertness, stillness and activity, they are all present right now, and each one can come to the surface and be manifested more obviously right now.

It seems that the fewer beliefs, the more available relaxation and alertness are in any situation, and the quicker and easier the shift of gears.

With beliefs, there is the added confusion and stress from the clash between beliefs and reality: I wanted to finish updating this database. I had expected to paint the last few sections of the deck. I wanted to measure the area where we store the firewood so we can put up a roof there. Why didn’t she come when my calendar said she would be here? It is always like this, people messing up my schedule!

Without beliefs, there is just the shifting of gears. Simple. Easy. Absent of drama.

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