Getting what we want: excitement and falling away of desire

In writing seeking and nonseeking, I realize that I left out a component of what happens when we get what we want: excitement.

There is a chain of a desire or a want, getting what I want, contentment from desire falling into the background for a while, along with the excitement of getting what I wanted.

Getting what it sought after, seeking mind goes on vacation for a few seconds, or minutes, or maybe hours, or sometimes even days, allowing nonseeking mind to surface and come into the foreground, with its sense of fullness, completeness and contentment. In the absence of desire, there is fullness and contentment.

And the excitement can come in two ways: By getting what I want in a conventional sense, which is somewhat short lived and not always so certain. And by noticing that what I (really) want is already here, it was never anywhere else. Is it true that what I am seeking is not already here?

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