Teflon mind

Teflon mind happens when the sense of I falls away, either temporarily or more stably.

Free from stickiness

Everything arises as before – sounds, sights, sensations, thoughts, this personality, this human self, the rest of the world, yet nothing sticks. It all comes and goes on its own, leaving no traces. It all happens within and as crystal clear Ground. Free from stickiness.

No I to protect, to hold onto anything, to push anything away

It is all revealed as absent of any I, a field absent of center, free from any identification, so there is also an absence of holding onto it or pushing it away. The view is aligned with the Ground, which allows all to come and go on its own.

It gives a great sense of freedom, within everything exactly as it is. A great sense of liberation from contraction into a sense of I and into a sense of center and periphery. A great sense of liberation from the drama and struggle that comes from that contraction into a sense of I, and something to protect.

Glimpse and shift

We can glimpse it any time our beliefs are not triggered, when we are alert and relaxed, comfortable with ourselves and the world.

And there is a gradual shift into it as beliefs unravel through inquiry, and as the center of gravity shifts into seeing and then a realization of absence of I.

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