Enlightenment and mind, Endarkenment and emotions

In a post yesterday, I wrote that enlightenment is to the mind what endarkenment is to the emotions.

This is still too new to me, and I don’t have many to compare notes with, but it certainly seems true in my own experience, at least right now.

Enlightenment: emptiness and luminosity, realigning the mind

Enlightenment, even in an early form, realigns the mind in the new context of all as Spirit. It realigns it from duality to nonduality and transduality. Our view changes, and our way of interpreting and talking about the world changes as well.

Everything arising is seen as Spirit itself, as emptiness, wakefulness and form, including emotions of course. The old emotional patterns seem to continue, at least in my experience, yet now revealed as nothing other than Spirit itself.

Enlightenment reveals all form as emptiness and luminosity. The emptiness and luminosity is in the foreground in all form.

Endarkenment: fertile darkness, realigning the emotions

Endarkenment, even in an early form, seems to allow emotions themselves to realign to this new context of all as Spirit. It envelops anything arising including emotions, and there is a deep sense of OKness of it all, allowing it in the longer term to realign and reorganize.

Endarkenment reveals the dark fertile ground of all form. Fullness and blackness is in the foreground.

Revealing what is not aligned

It also seems that both reveals what is not aligned with itself. Enlightenment reveals what in our views and behaviors are not aligned with all as Spirit. Endarkenment reveals what in our emotions and behaviors are not aligned with the dark fertile ground. (This is coming up for me continuously now, seeing emotional and behavioral patterns not aligned with this fertile darkness which came into the foreground less than two weeks ago.)

Aspects of enlightenment

Emptiness and luminosity. Ground of seeing and seen. Reveals all form as emptiness and luminosity. Yang. Detached. Insight and wisdom. Centered in the head. Realigns the conscious view and mind.

Aspects of endarkenment

Fertile darkness. Ground of form. Reveals all form as from and as this empty, fertile, full darkness. Yin. Intimate and engaged. Wisdom and nurturing. Centered in the belly and hip area. Realigns emotions. It is earthy, smooth, rich, full, loamy, black.

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