Rich smooth fertile blackness – some things about it

Some things I notice about the fertile blackness…

Early awakening, unfolding over time

This is an early awakening of it, one that will most likely unfold, mature, deepen and integrate over time.

Anything arising enveloped by the fertile darkness

The fertile darkness allows whatever arises to be enveloped, held, embraced by itself, the full, soft, velvety darkness.

Anything can be enveloped, including any thoughts, judgments, emotions, fears, sense of contraction, any outer and inner situations. It is all held within and as the velvety blackness.

A contraction comes up, embraced by the blackness, and there is just a sense of soft rich fullness allowing the contraction to soften and unravel as well. I notice my voice being a little stringy, allow it to be enveloped by the darkness, and it deepens and softens.

Changing perception of the physical belly and hip area

I walked around downtown today, and noticed how I perceived my belly and hip area differently – as much larger and somewhat unfamiliar. It took a while to realize that it is connected with the belly awakening and the fertile darkness.

Not directing but allowing to envelop

I gave Jen an Endarkenment diksha this afternoon, to become more familiar with it. It is clear that while the clear light and luminosity can be directed through in healing and energy transfers, the fertile blackness cannot in any way be directed. All I could do was just notice it in myself, especially in the belly area, and allowing it to envelop myself and her. She said she noticed a clear shift, and also a bubbling sensation in her abdomen rising up the body.

Consciousness realm, not energies

It also seems that the Endarkenment, the fertile blackness, is different from the energy system and the chakras.

In hara work (martial arts, Breema, Zen) the second and third chakras are activated, and there is often a sense of warmth, heat, tingling and so on. And it is certainly possible to work with and direct this energy.

The fertile darkness belly awakening seems very different. It is much more in the consciousness realm than the energy realm. It is probably connected with the energetics of the hara (in my case, my hara has been radiant with energy since the fertile darkness awakening), but it is quite different as well.

Fertile blackness as an immediate experience

The fertile blackness is not a clever metaphor, it is a direct experience of a full, velvety blackness as ground, a womb, enveloping and being source of the body and form in general.


As Jen said after receiving the Endarkenment diksha this afternoon, it is smooth, full, rich and black, almost like a rich dark creamy chocolate, and no less delicious.

In that sense, it is related to an energetic fullness of the hara, which also tends to be experienced as a rich, delicious fullness (as in Breema), but it is still very different.

Coexisting with luminosity

This rich, smooth fertile blackness coexists with luminosity, with the empty golden light. It is almost as if they are the yin and yang grounds. There is the luminous yang Ground of form, and the dark rich black yin ground of form. The yin and yang of a fertile void, the deeply silent potentiality that form arises from, within and as.

(That is just how it seems for now.)

From noticing fullness to void?

There may also be a shift here from noticing the fullness of the fertile blackness, to noticing the empty void of the blackness.

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