Setting the stage for a shift

My sense of the (early) endarkenment awakening is that much of what I have done up until now helped set the stage for it, yet is not directly connected with it either. It cleared the path, and that was about it.

Clearing the path for endarkenment awakening

Some of the things that helped clear the path seem to include…

Breema, with its emphasis on being participation (the whole of our being participating), the hara, and natural ways of being in the world. I did a lot of Tai Chi some year back, and that probably helped as well.

Projection and shadow work, including The Work. This reduces the internal compartmentalization and the energy that goes into this compartmentalization, allowing this particular ground to be revealed and noticed.

The dikshas, in particular the endarkenment diksha, initiating energetic shifts which in turn function as a catalyst for shifts in consciousness.

Meditation, allowing what is to be as it is, to live its own life, which again makes it easier to notice the ground that is always there (in this case, the ground of fertile darkness, the ground of form).

Clearing the path for enlightenment awakening

This seems similar to the enlightenment type awakening, where certain practices can clear the path for it, but where the shift still seem to happen more on its own. It happens on its own time.

The practices that can clear this path includes the ones above, and maybe in particular meditation and self-inquiry. Shadow work can also be very helpful here, reducing the inner struggle, drama and compartmentalization coming from aspects of our being pitted against each other.


And clearing the path for a heart awakening includes any number of second person practices, such as bhakti yoga, devotion, prayer, service, projection work, and so on.

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