Stream of form as God’s will – many flavors

The stream of form can be seen as God’s will. Whatever arises outside and inside of this human self, is God’s will.

Another way to notice this, and another flavor of it, is to note “personality arises”. There is an external situation, the reactions and responses of this personality, and then the noting of “personality arises”. This can be part of a labeling practice.

And then there is The Work, where we after a while begin to shift out of our own business. What initially seemed to be our own business is now revealed as God’s business.

And the Big Mind process, exploring each of the voices on personal and transcendent levels, and seeing that there is no I in any of them.

Each of these allows for a gentle disidentification with aspects of the world of form. There is less identification with this human self, allowing it to live its own life, which it does anyway. The sense of I fades.

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