Dream: all made of rosewood

Michael Palin and his crew have finished up the Sahara series for BBC. Everything is wrapped up, complete, resolved. I asked a question that probes a little deeper, and it is revealed that it is all made of rosewood: Michael Palin, the crew, Sahara, the TV series, everything. I remember that rosewood is considered among the best woods, highly priced for its fragrance, figures and hardness.

Well, this is one of those dreams that feel embarrassingly literal and simplistic. Maybe it is the only way the Dream maker can get things through to me…

I read Tao Te Ching the day before, where there is a segment on how everything is cut out of one block of wood, and the wise person knows how to work with anything that is cut out (the myriad forms) but never forgets the block (Tao, Big Mind). And I also watched the last episodes of Sahara just before going to bed. I guess the dream maker (the part of me, of Existence, that produces these dreams) thought it would be neat to put the two together to drive home the point.

The interesting parts of the dream are (a) that it is all wrapped up on a conventional, everyday level, (b) yet a deeper question reveals a whole new layer, a new dimension to it. It is not entirely as it appeared. And (c) that there seemed to be someone revealing that it is all made out of rosewood, some natives, people in touch with the simpler and more profound truths of life.

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