Dream: Communication between allies

It is in the 1940s, and Norway and the US are allies but the communications leaves something to be desired. Messages are intercepted and either transmitted to the recipient as blank or garbled. I show an officer one of the blank messages and explained the situation.

Nobody can come up with a solution so I explore it more intently. Finally, I find a way to set direct communication between the two countries, so that there is redundancy built into the system, with many parallel lines of communication sending the same messages.

The system is direct, bypassing any efforts of intercepting and blanking or garbling the messages, and is redundant, so the messages will get through even if blanked or garbled in some instances.

Sunday night, when the alive luminosity came strongly into the foreground, there was a fear coming up as well. Will I loose the connection? Will the messages I send be received? Do I have a clear enough intent?

The dream points to the possibility of a direct communication, and multiple and parallel lines of communication, and possibly that this is already happening. Resiliency is being built into the system, at least if my intent to have it so is clear.

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