Identities, moving beyond and holding back

I have been more acutely aware of identities over the last few weeks, seeing them clearly when they come up, and how they filter the world into I and Other, and how attachment to them is holding back what is emerging. They are an old coat that does not fit anymore, too small, wrong cut and color, dusty and old.

These identities is just another way of fleshing out and maintaining the sense of a separate I, and of I and Other. In the field of awake emptiness and form, there is an anchor point for a sense of I (in my case, somewhere near the base and back of the scull), and from here anything and everything else can be made to appear as Other, and the many identities define the relationship between this I and Other. I am this, not that. I want this, not that.

It is so transparent now, so obvious. So old.

There is also a fear in letting go of all of this. All these familiar patterns, these familiar ways of filtering, experiencing and being in the world.

There is a movement beyond all of this, allowing me to see more clearly how identities filter the world into I and Other, a hesitation from fear of letting go, and the intention of allowing resistance to drop and emerge over to the other side.

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