Stream of form, not fall from grace

The wider world and this human self is flux. It is always in change, always new, always dying as what it was and reborn as something else. It is a stream of form. If we try to hold onto it, even just by mirroring it in thoughts, what we hold onto is already gone.

So there is no fall from grace here. Wisdom, insights, clarity, revelations, compassion, bliss, desirable inner and outer situations, they all change. They too are flux. They are parts of waves passing through, waves with peaks and bottoms.

The only fall from grace is an appearance of it, when there is a belief in ideas of how it should be different. How some things in the world of form should stay, and other things should not take its place.

And there is no dark night, apart from what we create for ourselves by believing it should be different. Throwing a tantrum because the stream of form does not look the way we think it should look. Thinking we know better than the totality.

The stream, including beliefs, struggling against what is, and the appearance of a dark night, is all the local manifestations of the movements of the whole of the world of form. It is the totality manifesting locally, right here, as this human self and its immediate situation. It is God’s will. It is God itself, as awake emptiness and form. Already and always complete, untouched by any ideas of right or wrong, completeness or fragmentation, high or low.

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