The way the stream is now

The voice of embarrassment is often activated here, when I take time to write something down (in what is more an online journal than a blog.) It seems that it is the same themes and topics coming up, over and over, the rants of a monomaniac. (And often written in a fragmented way as well, without making many connections, without going much in depth.) But that is what wants to come out now. It is what comes up, is alive, where the interest is drawn.

The stream of form is always changing, and this is what the stream is made up of right now, for a while. In the past there has been an equal interest in art, photography, conventional psychology, Jung, systems theories, and much more. Whenever I feel like a rambling monomaniac, it helps to remember that it is always changing, this too will pass, so why not make the most out of it now.

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